Resonet - Early music


     RESONET was formed in Santiago de Compostela in 1990 by the lute player Fernando Reyes, who conducts the group, and the soprano Mercedes Hernández, taking its name from a piece in the Codex Calixtinus.

    Its members have received specialised training in the performance of early music in Europe’s best-known schools: Schola Cantorum Basiliensis (Basel, Switzerland), Musikhochschule Trossingen (Germany), Conservatoire de Toulouse (France)...

    The group has performed numerous concerts in leading festivals and auditoria throughout Europe, focusing on music connected with Galicia and the Way of St. James. It has recorded “La Grande Chanson”: French pilgrims’ songs from the seventeenth century; “¡Santiago!”: music and pilgrimages in the Renaissance; “Les Pellerines”: the fashion of pilgrimage in seventeenth-century in France; “Il Pellegrino”: the journey of Cosimo III de Medici,1668; “Canto de Nadal”; “Cantares Galegos-Rosalía de Castro” and “Canto de Ultreia” et “Festa Dies: Consecration of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostels, 1211”, both with Codex Calixtinus and Pilgrim’s songs.

    They recorded too “Cantares Galegos”  with the poems of  Rosalía de Castro and “Canto de Nadal”, with galician christmas songs, “Floralba: cantos e romances de Galicia”, and “Cantiga: trobadores de Galiza e Portugal”.

  En 2022 Resonet presents “Chaconne, the song of Santiago” with concerts, cd recording and an exhibition in the “Museo das peregrinacións e de Santiago” leaded by Fernando Reyes.

   Resonet collaborates with the “Departamento de Educación” (Department for Education) of  the town of Santiago de Compostela and the “Museo de las Peregrinaciones y de Santiago”.



Musics of St. James

- La Grande Chanson

- Les Pellerines

  1. -Santiago!

- Il Pellegrino

  1. -Antonio de Cabezón

  2. -Canto de Ultreia

  3. -Festa Dies

  4. -¡O, Admirable!

  5. - The pilgrim girl

  6. -“Cantigas” from the way

  7. -Chacona, the song of Santiago

Galician musics

- Cantares Galegos

  1. -Floralba

  2. -Cantiga

  3. -Canto de Nadal


Siglos de Oro (Spain)

  1. -Auto de Santa Teresa

  2. -Divinos Tonos

  3. -Tonos de Amor: José Marín

European musics

- Opera Veneziana  17th c.

- Haendel

  1. -Scherzi?. Claudio Monteverdi

FERNANDO REYES: conductor. Citola, vihuela, baroque guitar, theorbo